Personnel policy

Personnel policy

The personnel policy of the limited liability "Corporation STS" Company - is a public policy directed to the maintenance of the effective functioning and dynamics of the company development due to formation, changing and preservation of the optimum personnel, which is necessary for the decision of tasks, that the company face.

At present more than 10 000 persons work in the company. The company is proud of each employee and strives for to join all subdivisions of the company in a united team, where such characters as a competence, a responsibility and a readiness for self-feedback are valued.

The young skilled and energetic managers of our company are included into the number of the best managers of Russia. The very "Corporation STS" Company is included into the number of the largest energy companies of the country and it proves that the company is under skilful and efficient control. The company never stops developing, improving the services. People help each other to fix up and become a new member of a team. The company provides necessary conditions for self-realization of the employees, it gives the good opportunities to raise the level of employees' skill and to climb the ladder, because it is the intellectual and creative potential of employees that directly influences the productive efficiency.

 In the field of management the company face and resolves the following tasks:

  • Optimization and stabilization of the company's stuff.
  • Creation of the effective system of motivation of the company's employees; increasing of the personal interest of workers in their work results.
  • Creation and maintenance of the organizational order in the company, of the sense of duty and responsibility of the workers; the following the labour discipline and the diligent performance of duties by workers.
  • Creation and development of the educational system for training workers.
  • Creation and following the corporate culture of the company.